What Industries Use Electrostatic Precipitator?

Industrial electrostatic precipitators are widely used in the industries which facing air pollution problem. It’s the high voltage electrostatic ionization technology to collect the particles in smoke. Electrons are emitted from cathode in high-voltage electric field, and then in the process of electrons collision with air molecules, the anions are generated in order to capture the soot particles,so the soot particles are charged. Under the electric field, those charged soot particles are absorbed by anode so as to achieve the goal of removing the fumes.Generally,it comes to us that the large and vertical ones when we talk about the industrial electrostatic precipitators. This type of industrial ESPs applications is mainly used in cement plants, steel mills and fossil fuel-fired boilers. The smoke from these industrial are dusty. Besides,there is another type of industrial ESPs. The size is smaller and the shape is horizontal. This type of industrial ESPs is mainly applied to PVC leather foaming productions, textile stenters and food factories. The characteristic for the smoke from these industrial is oily. Even though the working principle for both electrostatic precipitators is similar, the applications are distinguishing.

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