What is Electrostatic Precipitator Used for?

An electrostatic precipitator (ESP) is a filtration device to filter dust and smoke and removes fine particles, either solid particles or liquid droplets. Originally it’s particularly designed for power-generating stations for air pollution control. For this type of ESP filters, the size is very big in order to reach exhaust airflow handling.

The other type ESP filters are much smaller and mainly used in industrial facilities and commercial kitchen for greasily oil particles collection. Boton Air develops and improves ESP air cleaners to make it more suitable for specific production lines.

As the main function of Boton Air electrostatic precipitator is to collect oil particles in waste gas, during this process, oil particles would from gas becomes liquid. In some industries, such as PVC foaming lines, it helps to recover raw material in smoke for recycle.


The main application

Textile finishing exhaust

Commercial kitchen cooking exhaust

Vinyl extrusion plasticizers

PVC based products foaming exhaust

Welding and soldering fume

Commercial HVAC systems