Where Is Electrostatic Precipitator Installed?

Boton Air electrostatic precipitators are specialized in removing certain impurities and are installed ina specific type of industries to collect the oil particles in the flue gas. This precipitatoris widely used in PVC-based industries for air pollution control, such as synthetic leather, artificial flooring, PVC gloves, and nonwoven production.

How to choose a site to install electrostatic precipitators in a factory? For Boton air filters,it’s feasible toeither indoor or outdoor installation. In outdoor installation, the electrostatic precipitators are installed along with the workshop wall and close to the master duct. Sometimes a platform is needed for multiple units. A canopy is necessary to protect ESP filters from rain and sunshine. If there is no space for outdoor installation, the filters can be installed indoorswhere above the production line. Generally, the workshop is high enough to stack the production line and ESP filters. The machine’s feet can be removed to reduce the total height. To build a platform for the filters that is easy for maintenance.

The production lines’ capacity is the main reference point for our model selection. And sizes are very diffident between models. If you confuse that whether the site has enough space for the electrostatic precipitators. Please feel free to contact us. We have experienced engineers to offer a proper proposal.