Which is Better PVC or PU Leather?

Synthetic leather and PU leather are the same, collectively referred to as PU synthetic leather or polyurethane synthetic leather; pvc artificial leather is the early PVC leather, which has poor performance and is not environmentally friendly, so it has been eliminated; none of them contain leather. They are different. PVC and PU leather are collectively referred to as artificial leather or imitation leather. In footwear, PVC leather is mostly used for lining or non-load-bearing parts, or to make children’s shoes; PU leather can be used for shoe fabrics or load-bearing parts. In terms of bagging, PVC leather is more suitable.

What is PVC artificial leather and what is it composed of?

PVC artificial leather (pvc leather) is a paste made by coating PVC resin, plasticizer, stabilizer and other additives on the fabric. Or covered with a layer of PVC film, and then processed through a certain process. The product has high strength, easy processing and low cost. Can do all kinds of bags, seat covers, linings, sundries, etc. However, the oil resistance and high temperature resistance are poor, and the low temperature softness and hand feel are poor. PVC artificial leather is the main variety of artificial leather.

Does PVC leather contain PU?

There are two situations: 1. The surface of PVC leather needs to be made into many styles, such as crazy horse, burnt, discolored and so on. Most of these surface treatments are made of PU. The special plastic layer is a special plastic coating, that is, the substance on the surface of PVC leather, which is 100% PU. The second case is semi-PU coating, that is, the bottom layer is coated with PVC first, and then the surface layer is coated with PU, which has the advantages of PVC leather and PU leather.

How to distinguish PU and PVC leather

The difference between PU and PVC is relatively easy. From the corner, the base fabric of PU is much thicker than that of PVC, and the feel is different. PU feels softer. PVC feels harder; it can also be burned with fire, and the taste of PU is much lighter than that of PVC. The manufacturing process of PU leather is more complicated than that of PVC leather. Because the base fabric of PU is canvas PU material with good tensile strength, it can be coated on the base fabric and wrapped in the middle so that the base fabric cannot be seen from the outside.

The pattern of PVC leather is formed by hot pressing of steel pattern rollers; the pattern of PU leather is firstly pressed with a layer of pattern paper on the surface of semi-finished leather, and after cooling, the paper is separated for surface treatment. The price of PU leather is more than double that of PVC leather, and the price of some PU leather with special requirements is 23 times higher than that of PVC leather. Generally, the pattern paper required by PU leather can be discarded after 45 times. The embossing roller has a long service life, so the cost of PU leather is higher than that of PVC leather.