Why We Separate Control Panel Cabinet From Host In Industrial Electrostatic Precipitators?

Boton Air researches market deeply and keeps innovating and developing, initially creating separation of control panel cabinet from host. Here are the reasons.

  1. Exclusively separating host from control panel cabinet which avoids mist& oil going into cabinet to damage electric parts.
  2. Avoiding high temperature affecting power system’s capacity. During ESP working, exhaust still in around 40-50℃ inside host. The heat is transmitted to the control cabinet through the host case.
  3. The innovative separation technology reduces the load of the host’s main access doors so that prevents oil leakage and exhaust leakage due to the deformation of access doors.
  4. It is more convenient on operation and control. The ESP host can be installed outside and control cabinet is installed inside the factory.
  5. The last but not least, the exhaust contains lots of greasily oil, so it has potential fire risk. In case the host catch fire, the control cabinet would not get involve in it and protect the electrical parts effectively.