How to select a proper electrostatic air filters for my production lines?

Nowadays environmental policies are stricter in many countries. Lots of factories are requested to install filtration equipment to handle for the air pollution problem. For the one hand, factories owners consider about what type of filters are suitable for their production lines. For the other hand, which model is suitable for their production lines?

BotonAir electrostatic precipitators are designed for PVC based products foaming/coating lines and calendaring lines. Our products are selected according to the production lines, so before sending the proposal, we should know the details of the production lines such as diameter of master ducting, quantity and length of ovens and width of the lines, installation site etc. The more information customers offer, the more demand we will know about from customers. Boton Air offer customized service which should be address customers requirement. If you would like to know more details, please do not hesitate to contact us.