Commercial kitchen ESP filter

Foshan Boton Air Technology Co.,Ltd is a factory which is specialized in commercial kitchen cooking exhaust emission.
Boton electrostatic precipitator utilizes high voltage electrostatic ionization technology to capture the majority of oil molecule in exhaust before emission. Our ESP filters effectively help to solve the air pollution problem and reach the local environmental law.

The stainless steel filtration modules are durable and you don’t need to replace it which will increase cost.
The installation is very easy. We will send you the whole unit and you only need to connect it with ducting and power. Module design is easy for combination to get a high air volume which assures system integrity and reduces installation cost.
Boton electrostatic filters have sold to many countries such as South Korea, UAE, Singapore, Portugal, United Kingdom, Indonesia, Australia, Iran, and Turkey and get a very good reputation.
If you have any question or enquiry, welcome to contact us.