DOP recovery machine for PVC tarpaulin production line Proposal

In the purification of industrial oil fume, we often encounter the exhaust gas purification treatment of PVC tarpaulin industry. During the production process of PVC tarpaulin, the production materials will emit a certain amount of oily smoke under high temperature conditions, and the smoke temperature is about 130°C.

During the high-temperature production and baking process, 10-15% of the mixture solvent evaporates to form baking smoke. The flue gas itself is also a raw material. If it is directly emitted, it will cause huge waste of energy. These oil fumes can be recovered through industrial electrostatic precipitator, and the recovery rate can reach more than 95%.

The recovered oil has a relatively high purity and can be recycled directly or sold to recyclers to offset equipment investment costs. Let’s take a look at the PVC tarpaulin production line.

What is PVC tarpaulin? The PVC tarpaulin is made of high-strength polyester glass fiber as a coated base fabric, and PVC is modified as a surface film. The effective combination of the high-strength base fabric and the high-tech surface film creates the following characteristics of the tarpaulin: The tarpaulin has a smooth surface, is lightweight, has good flexibility and is easy to carry. Green and environmentally friendly, no dust, no odor, no irritation or harm to the human body. There are many types of tarpaulin, such as: PVC tarpaulin for mine ,Glass fiber PVC Tarpaulin, Inflaming retarding PVC tarpaulin, Fire-resistance PVC tarpaulin, Industrial PVC tarpaulin, Plastic coated Glass fiber PVC Tarpaulin, Tunnel PVC tarpaulin, PVC tarpaulin for ducting. Different types of tarpaulin have different uses: for example, the plastic polyester tarpaulin used in coal mines is the main material of underground air ducts. It is made of flame-retardant and antistatic soft PVC material, and its structure is made of high-strength polyester crystal. The grid cloth is the skeleton, and the PVC plastic polyester PVC tarpaulin has the characteristics of high strength, light weight, folding resistance, rapid and easy processing, easy repair, and long service life.

Production principle: PVC tarpaulin production generally uses a rectangular tunnel oven, which is assembled from unit components. The oven has a metal frame and the interlayer is filled with insulation material.
The heating methods of production equipment are divided into: electric heating and thermal oil. Its main function is to turn resin sol on various substrates into films efficiently at high speed to achieve the purpose of plasticization, microporous foaming and fastening. This process will generate a large amount of waste gas. The exhaust gas mainly contains DOP (dioctylester) oil and a small amount of other solvents.

Specifications of production equipment:

Width of foaming oven: about 3200mm ~ 3600mm (conventional machine)

Length of foaming oven: 12m〜15m (conventional machine)

Production line exhaust: generally two or three exhaust fans (self-made production lines are generally equipped with only one induced draft fan)

Flue gas volume: determined based on the data provided by the production equipment manufacturer or by referring to the number and parameters of the exhaust fans installed on the equipment. The amount of flue gas generated by a general production line is about 10,000m3~16,000m3/h (conventional machine).

(Commonly used heating methods)Generally, the heating method is selected based on the production volume. For 24-hour production, the thermal oil heating method will be selected (the first heating time of the thermal oil is too long, and the long-term production energy consumption is relatively smaller than electric heating). Those who produce between 8 and 12 hours a day will choose electric heating (electric heating is fast, but long-term production energy consumption is greater than thermal oil)

Usage: Suitable for the production of soft substrates such as PVC films

Main features: The drying box adopts a flat structure, high-quality crawler belts transport the base material, and a front negative pressure suction mechanism; the whole machine adopts frequency converter for speed regulation and is equipped with PLC programmable control; the temperature can be controlled in multiple stages.

The main parameters:

1. Maximum cloth width: 3200mm (this type of large production line has not been encountered yet);
2. The thickest PVC tarpaulin: the common thickness is about 0.5mm-0.8mm;
3. Oven temperature: 170℃〜220℃;
4. Cloth delivery speed: 10~80m/min;
5. Nature of flue gas: When the PVC tarpaulin is produced and baked in a high-temperature foaming furnace, a large amount of solvent in the mixture volatilizes to form oily flue gas. The main components of the flue gas are DOP, flame retardants, xylene, etc., with Very strong pungent odor;
6. Flue gas temperature: The temperature of this type of foaming oven can reach a maximum of about 220°C, and the flue gas temperature is about: 80°C-100°C. The flue gas temperature of this kind of flue gas treated by Boton Air Company DOP recovery machine .The requirements are: 30℃-40℃. if your company encounters problems in exhaust gas treatment, or if the exhaust gas treatment equipment installed by the machine cannot meet the emission requirements, you are welcome to get in touch with us.

PVC tarpaulin production line:

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